I care off my T-shirt

Washing & Ironing Guidelines


Please adhere to our care tag that printed on the neck label of our t-shirts. Our T-shirts are 100% polyester fabrics which requires the same type of care when it comes to washing and drying. Follow these steps as a general guideline to wash your t-shirt.

Step #1: Turn the fabric inside out.

Although polyester is most famous for its anti-wrinkle capabilities, it does have some downfalls, such as the tendency to pill. Turning the shirt inside out will help prevent the outside of the shirt from facing any of the harsh movements inside the machine. In doing so, you can avoid unwanted pilling and potential shrinking.

Step #2: Use cold or warm water max of 30 degrees for your wash cycle.

Washing with cold water is always a safe bet when it comes to cleaning your clothing, especially if it’s with a material you’re unfamiliar with.

But 100% polyester will also do very well with warm water, which can help remove stains, prevent shrinkage, and avoid color bleeding into other clothing in the cycle.

Step #3: Use standard detergent.

Simple detergent (without the extra bells and whistles like “tough on stains” or “wrinkle release”) is the best route to go when dealing with most materials. While these formulas are helpful for several reasons, they can sometimes be too harsh on polyester t-shirts, which pill and bleed easily during vigorous cycles.


  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not Dry and Press

Ironing instructions:

It is only advisable to use iron steamer if needed.

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